5m Mini-Sequences

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  • 5m Mini-Sequence - Pre-Bedtime Flow (Mild)

    This lovely little sequence is the perfect way to relax both mind and body at bedtime! Feel free to follow along in bed, so that you can snuggle in and drift off to sleep as soon as you're done.

  • 5m Mini-Sequence - Standing Flow

    Looking for a quick pick-me-up first thing in the morning? Or maybe you just need to fight off those afternoon sleepies? This quick standing flow is a great way to wake up the body and calm the mind!

  • 5m Mini-Sequence - Seated Flow

    This short seated flow is a great way to loosen up the body, calm the mind, and break up a busy day! You don't even need a mat; you can just stop drop and yoga anywhere, at any time.